Directed by Michael Curtiz

Scene 1: Exit Visas [scene runs from 8:50 to 12:05. For those with DVDs, it begins at the beginning of ch. 5.]

We first meet Rick when the camera shows us only his hands as he signs an authorization for a cash advance of 1,000 francs. By a shake of his head he determines who is and is not to be admitted to the private gambling room in his café, Otherwise he is occupying himself in a solitary game of chess. After admitting a couple, he signals that a German banker be turned away.

Doorman: to banker: I'm sorry, sir. This is a private room.

German: Of all the nerve. Who do you think- He pauses. I know there is gambling in there. This is no secret. You dare not keep me out of here. He barges in.

Rick: rising, and going to the door: What's the trouble?

German: I have been in every gambling room between Honolulu and Berlin. If you think I'll be kept out of a saloon like this, you're much mistaken. Ugarte passes between them into the gambling room.

Rick: You cash is good at the bar.

German: What? Do you know who I am?

Rick: I do. You're lucky the bar's open to you.

German: This is outrageous. I'll report it to the Angriff. He leaves angrily.

Ugarte: You know, Rick, watching you just now with the Deutschebank, one would think you'd been doing this all your life.

Rick: Oh, what makes you think I haven't?

Ugarte: Oh, nothing. But when you first came to Casablanca, I thought --

Rick: You thought what?

Ugarte: What right do I have to think? He follows Rick to his table, and his chess pieces. Too bad about those two German couriers, wasn't it?

Rick: They got a lucky break. Yesterday, they were just two German clerks. Today, they're the honored dead.

Ugarte: You are a very cynical person, Rick, if you forgive me for saying so.

Rick: I forgive you.

Ugarte: Will you have a drink with me?

Rick: No.

Ugarte: I forgot, you never drink with -- To waiter, who has come to the table: I'll have another, please.

Ugarte: You despise me, don't you?

Rick: still playing chess, Well, if I gave you any thought, I probably would.

Ugarte: But why? Oh, you object to the kind of business I do, huh? But think of all those poor refugees who must rot in this place if I didn't help them. Well that's not so bad, through ways of my own, I provide them with exit visas.

Rick: For a price, Ugarte, for a price.

Ugarte: But think of all the poor devils who can't meet Renault's price. I get it for them for half. Is that so parasitic?

Rick: I don't mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one.

Ugarte: Well, Rick, after tonight, I'll be through with the whole business, and I'm leaving finally, this Casablanca.

Rick: Who'd you bribe for your visa, Renault or yourself?

Ugarte: Myself. I found myself much more reasonable. Look, Rick, know what this is? pulling some papers out of his pocket, Something that even you have never seen. Letters of transit signed by General DeGaulle. They cannot be rescinded. Not even questioned. One moment. Tonight I'll be selling them for more money than even I ever dreamed of. And, then, addio, Casablanca. You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me you are the only one I trust. Will you keep these for me?
Rick: For how long?

Ugarte: An hour. Perhaps a little longer. Please keep them for me.

Rick: I don't want them here overnight

Ugarte: Don't be afraid of that. Rick takes the letters of transit. Thank you. I knew I could trust you.

Scene 2: The Plane to Lisbon [the scene runs from 16:21 to 20:35. For those with DVDs, it begins and two and a half minutes into ch. 7 and runs through ch. 8.]

Rick and Renault sit at a table outside of Rick's Café and watch a plane leaving Casablanca.

Renault: The plane to Lisbon. You would like to be on it?

Rick: Why? What is in Lisbon?

Renault: The clipper to America. I've often speculated why you don't return to America? Did you abscond with the church funds? Did you run off with a Senator's wife? I'd like to think you killed a man. It's the romantic in me.

Rick: It's a combination of all three.

Renault: What in heaven's name brought you to Casablanca?

Rick: My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Renault: The waters, what waters? We're in the desert.

Rick: I was misinformed.

Emil: coming out from the café, Excuse me, Mr. Rick, a gentleman inside has won 20,000 francs and the cashier would like some money.

Rick: I'll get it from the safe.

Emil: I'm so upset, Mr. Rick. You know --

Rick: Forget it, Emil, things like that happen all the time.

Emil: I'm awfully sorry.
Renault and Rick go into the café. As they pass the piano player, Sam, Rick puts an affectionate hand on his shoulder.

Renault: Rick, there is going to be some excitement tonight. We are going to make an arrest in your café.

Rick: Again?

Renault: Oh, this is no ordinary arrest, a murderer no less. If you're thinking of warning him, don't put yourself out. He cannot possibly escape.

Rick: I stick my neck out for no body.

Renault: Wise foreign policy. We could have made this arrest earlier in the evening, at the Blue Parrot. But out of my high regard for you, we're staging it here. It will amuse your customers.

Rick: Our entertainment's enough.

Renault: Rick, we have an important guest here tonight, Major Strasser of the Third Reich no less. We want him to be here when we make the arrest: a little demonstration of the efficiency of my administration.

Rick: I see, and what is Strasser doing here? He certainly didn't come all the way to Casablanca to witness a demonstration of your efficiency.

Renault: Perhaps not.

Rick: Handing Emil cash, Here you are.

Emil: It shall not happen again.

Rick: It's all right. Louis, you've got something on your mind. Why don't you spill it?

Renault: How observant you are. As a matter of fact, I wanted to give you a word of advice.

Rick: Yeah? Brandy?

Renault: Thank you. Rick, there are many exit visas sold in this café, but we know you've never sold one. That is the reason we permit you to remain open.

Rick: Well, I thought it was because I let you win at roulette.

Renault: That is another reason. There is a man arrived in Casablanca on his way to America. He will offer a fortune to anyone who will furnish him with an exit visa.

Rick: Yeah, what's his name?

Renault: Victor Laszlo.

Rick: Victor Laszlo?

Renault: Rick, that is the first time I have ever seen you so impressed.

Rick: Well, he's succeeded in impressing half the world.

Renault: It is my duty to see that he doesn't impress the other half. Rick, Laszlo must never reach America. He stays in Casablanca.

Rick: It will be interesting to see how he manages.

Renault: Manages what?

Rick: His escape.

Renault: Oh, but I just told you -

Rick: Stop it. He's escaped from a concentration camp, the Nazi's have been chasing him all over Europe.

Renault: But this is the end of the chase.

Rick: 20,000 francs says it isn't.

Renault: Is that a serious offer?

Rick: I just paid out twenty, I'd like to get it back.

Renault: Make it ten, I am only a poor corrupt official.

Rick: OK.

Renault: Done. No matter how clever he is, he still needs an exit visa. Or I should say two.

Rick: Why two?

Renault: He's traveling with a lady.

Rick: He'll take one.

Renault: I think not. I've seen the lady. And, if he did not leave her in Marseille or in Oran, he certainly won't leave her in Casablanca.

Rick: Maybe he's not quite as romantic as you are.

Renault: It doesn't matter; there is no exit visa for him.

Rick: Louis, what ever gave you the impression that I might be interested in helping Laszlo escape?

Renault: Because, my dear Ricky, I suspect that under that cynical shell, you're at heart a sentimentalist. Oh laugh if you will, but I happen to be familiar with your record. Let me point out just two items. In 1935, you ran guns to Ethiopia. In 1936, you fought in Spain on the Loyalists' side.

Rick: And got well paid for it on both occasions.

Renault: The winning side would have paid you much better.

Rick: Maybe. Well it seems that you are determined to keep Laszlo here.

Renault: I have my orders.

Rick: Oh I see. Gestapo spank.

Renault: My dear Ricky, you overestimate the influence of the Gestapo. I don't interfere with them and they don't interfere with me. In Casablanca I am master of my fate; I am captain (He is interrupted.)

Officer: Major Strasser is here, sir.

Rick: You were saying?

Renault: Excuse me.

Scene 3: Major Strasser of the Third Reich [the scene runs from 22:54 to 26:00. For those with DVDs, it runs from the beginning of ch. 10 to just less than a minute into ch. 11.]

Renault: bringing Rick to Major Strasser's table in the café, Rick, this is Major Heinrich Strasser of the Third Reich.

Strasser: How do you do, Mr. Rick.

Rick: How do you do.

Renault: And you all ready know Herr Heinz of the Third Reich.

Strasser: Please join us, Mr. Rick.

Renault: We are very honored tonight, Rick. Major Strasser is one of the reasons the Third Reich enjoys the reputation it has today.

Strasser: You repeat Third Reich as if you expect there to be others.

Renault: Well, personally Major, I will take what comes.

Strasser: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Unofficially, of course.

Rick: Make it official if you like.

Strasser: What is your nationality?

Rick: I am a drunkard.

Renault: That makes Rick a citizen of the world.

Rick: I was born in New York City if that'll help you any.

Strasser: I understand that you came here from Paris at the time of the occupation.

Rick: Well, there seems to be no secret about that.

Strasser: Are you one of those people who cannot imagine the Germans in their beloved Paris?

Rick: It's not particularly my beloved Paris.

Heinz: Can you imagine us in London?

Rick: When you get there, ask me.

Renault: Diplomatist.

Strasser: How 'bout New York?

Rick: Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.

Strasser: Uh huh. Who do you think will win the war?

Rick: I haven't the slightest idea.

Renault: Rick is completely neutral about everything, and that takes into account the field of women too.

Strasser: You were not always so carefully neutral. We have a complete dossier on you.

He reads: Richard Blaine, American, age 37, cannot return to his country. The reason is a little vague. We also know what you did in Paris, Mr. Blaine, and also we know why you left Paris. Don't worry, we are not going to broadcast it.

Rick: looking over the dossier that Strasser has handed him: Um, are my eyes really brown?

Strasser: You will forgive my curiosity, Mr. Blaine. The point is an enemy of the Reich has come to Casablanca. We are checking up on anybody who can be of any help to us.

Rick: My interest in whether Victor Laszlo stays or goes is purely a sporting one.

Strasser: In this case, you have no sympathy for the fox, huh?

Rick: Not particularly. I understand the point of view of the hound too.

Strasser: Victor Laszlo published the foulest lies in the Prague newspapers until the very day we marched in. And even after that, he continued to print scandal sheets in a cellar.

Renault: Of course, one must admit he has great courage.

Strasser: I admit he is very clever. Three times he slipped through our fingers. In Paris he continued his activities. We intend not to let it happen again.

Rick: You'll excuse me, gentlemen. Your business is politics. Mine is running a saloon.

Strasser: Good evening, Mr. Blaine.

Renault: You see Major you have nothing to worry about Rick.

Strasser: Perhaps.

Host: to a gentleman and a lady who walk into the café: Yes, Monsieur.

Laszlo: I reserved a table, Victor Laszlo.

Host: Yes, Mr. Laszlo, right this way. As they walk to their table, Sam, the piano player, looks at the woman, and she at him. As she goes pass, Sam looks troubled, and shakes his head.

Laszlo: Two Cointreaux, please. I saw no one of Ugarte's description.

Ilsa: I feel somehow we shouldn't stay here.

Scene 4: As Time Goes By [the scene runs from 31:11 to 33:34. For those with DVDs, it begins ch. 13 and runs for several seconds into ch. 14.]

While Laszlo is occupied in a conversation with Renault, Ilsa approaches Sam.

Ilsa: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Hello, Miss Ilsa.. I never expected to see you again.

Ilsa: It's been a long time, Sam.

Sam: Yes, ma'am. A lot of water under the bridge.

Ilsa: Some of the old songs, Sam.

Sam: Playing the piano, Yes, ma'am.

Ilsa: Where is Rick?

Sam: I don't know. I ain't seen him all night.

Ilsa: When will he be back?

Sam: Not tonight no more. He ain't comin'. He went home.

Ilsa: Does he always leave so early?

Sam: Oh, he never, well, he's got a girl up at the Blue Parrot. He goes up there all the time.

Ilsa: You used to be a much better liar, Sam.

Sam: Leave him alone, Miss Ilsa. You're bad luck to him.

Ilsa: Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake.

Sam: I don't know what you mean, Miss Ilsa.

Ilsa: Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By.'

Sam: Why, I can't remember it, Miss Ilsa. I'm a little rusty on it.

Ilsa: I'll hum it for you. Ilsa hums two bars. Sam starts to play - without singing the lyrics. Sing it, Sam.

Sam: You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As Time Goes By.
And when two lovers woo
They still say, 'I love you'
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As Time Goes By.

Rick : Coming up angrily, Sam, I thought I told you never to play -- He looks up and sees Ilsa for the first time.

Scene 5: Rick and Mrs. Laszlo [scene runs from 56:21 to58:22. For those with DVDs, it is ch. 21.]

Merchant: to Ilsa, in a marketplace in Casablanca: You will not find a treasure like this is all Morocco, Mademoiselle, only 700 francs.

Rick: walking up: You're being cheated.

Ilsa: to merchant: It doesn't matter, thank you.

Merchant: Ah, the lady is a friend of Rick's. For friends of Rick's we have a small discount. Did I say 700 francs? You can have it for 200.

Rick: I am sorry I was in no condition to receive you when you called on me last night.

Ilsa: Doesn't matter.

Merchant: And for special friends of Rick's we have a special discount, 100 francs.

Rick: Your story had me a little confused. Or, maybe it was the bourbon.

Merchant: I have some tablecloths, some napkins.

Ilsa: to merchant: Thank you, I'm really not interested.

Merchant: Please, one minute, please.

Rick: Why did you come back, to tell me why you ran out on me at the railway station?

Ilsa: Yes.

Rick: Well, you can tell me now. I am reasonably sober.

Ilsa: I don't think I will, Rick.

Rick: Why not? After all I got stuck with a railway ticket, I think I'm entitled to know.

Ilsa: Last night I saw what has happened to you. The Rick I knew in Paris, I could tell him, he'd understand. But not the one who looked at me with such hatred. I'll be leaving Casablanca soon, and we'll never see each other again. We knew very little about each other when we were in love in Paris. If we leave it that way, maybe we will remember those days, and not Casablanca, not last night.

Rick: Did you run out on me because you couldn't take it, because you knew what it would be like: hiding from the police, running away all the time?

Ilsa: You can believe that if you want to.

Rick: Well, I am not running away any more. I'm settled now. Above a saloon, it's true. Walk up a flight. I'll be expecting you. All the same, some day you'll lie to Laszlo. You'll be there.
Ilsa: No, Rick. You see Victor Laszlo is my husband, and was, even when I knew you in Paris. She walks away.

Scene 6: Ilsa and Richard [scene runs from 1:19:12 to 1:25:20. For those with DVDs, it begins with ch. 29 and runs through ch. 30.]

Scene opens with Rick entering his apartment and finding Ilsa there.
Rick: How did you get in?

Ilsa: The stairs from the street.

Rick: I told you this morning you'd come around, but this is a little ahead of schedule. Well, won't you sit down?

Ilsa: Richard, I had to see you.

Rick: Oh, it's Richard again. We are back in Paris. Your unexpected visit isn't by chance connected with the letters of transit? It seems as long as I have the letters I'll never be lonely.

Ilsa: You can ask any price that you want, but you must give me those letters.

Rick: I went all through that with your husband. It's no deal.

Ilsa: I know how you feel about me, but I am asking you to put your feelings aside for something more important.

Rick: Do I have to hear again what a great man your husband is? What an important cause he's fighting for?

Ilsa: It was your cause too. In your own way you were fighting for the same thing.

Rick: I'm not fighting for anything anymore, except myself. I am the only cause I am interested in. He walks away from her.

Ilsa: Richard. Richard, we loved each other once. If those days meant anything at all to you

Rick: I wouldn't bring up Paris, if I were you. It is poor salesmanship.
Ilsa: Please, please listen to me. If you knew what really happened. If you only knew the truth!
Rick: I wouldn't believe you, no matter what you told me. You'd say anything now to get what you want.

Ilsa: You want to feel sorry for yourself, don't you? With so much at stake, all you can think of is your own feeling. One woman has hurt you, and you take your revenge on the rest of the world. You are a coward and a weakling. She cries. No, Richard, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but you are our last hope. If you don't help us, Victor Laszlo will die in Casablanca.

Rick: What of it? I am gonna die in Casablanca, it is a good spot for it. Now if you'll -- He turns, after lighting a cigarette, and sees Ilsa pointing a gun at him.

Ilsa: All right. I tried to reason with you. I tried everything. Now I want those letters. Get them for me.

Rick: I don't have to. I got them right here.

Ilsa: Put them on the table.

Rick: No.

Ilsa: For the last time, put them on the table.

Rick: If Laszlo and the cause mean so much to you, you won't stop at anything. All right, I'll make it easier for you. Go ahead and shoot. You'll be doing me a favor.

Ilsa: Richard, I tried to stay away. I thought I would never see you again, that you were out of my life. She cries; they embrace. The day you left Paris, if you knew what I went through. If you knew how much I loved you. How much I still love you.

Rick stands looking out the window, smoking a cigarette.
Rick: And then?

Ilsa: It wasn't long after we were married that Victor went back to Czechoslovakia. They needed him in Prague. But there, the Gestapo were waiting for him. Just a two line item in the paper: "Victor Laszlo apprehended, sent to concentration camp." I was frantic, for months I tried to get word. Then it came. He was dead, shot trying to escape. I was lonely. I had nothing, not even hope. Then I met you.

Rick: Why weren't you honest with me? Why did you keep your marriage a secret?

Ilsa: Oh, it wasn't my secret. Victor wanted it that way, not even our closest friends knew about our marriage. That was his way of protecting me. I knew so much about his work and if the Gestapo found out I was his wife, it would be dangerous for me and for those working with us.

Rick: And when did you first find out he was alive?

Ilsa: Just before you and I were to leave Paris together. A friend came and told me Victor was alive. They were hiding him in a freight car in the outskirts of Paris. He was sick. He needed me. I wanted to tell you, but I, I didn't dare. I knew you wouldn't have left Paris and the Gestapo would have caught you and… Well, you know the rest.

Rick: Well, it's still a story without an ending. What about now?

Ilsa: Now, I don't know. I know that I'll never have the strength to leave you again.

Rick: And Laszlo?

Ilsa: Oh, you'll help him now, Richard, won't you? You'll see that he gets out? Then he'll have his work, all that he has been living for.

Rick: All except one. He won't have you.

Ilsa: I can't fight it anymore. I ran away from you once, I can't do it again. I don't know what is right any longer. You have to think for both of us. For all of us.

Rick: All right. I will. Here's looking at you kid.

Ilsa: I wish I didn't love you so much.

Scene 7: Victor Laszlo [scene runs from 1: 26:56 to 1: 28:13. For those with DVDs, it begins two minutes into ch. 31.]

Rick's bartender, a member of the French resistance, brings Laszlo back to Rick's after the police break up their meeting, and Laszlo has been hurt climbing through a window. Rick offers him a towel for his bleeding arm.

Rick: Don't you sometimes wonder if it's worth all this? I mean, what you're fighting for.

Laszlo: You might as well question why we breathe. If you stop breathing, we'll die. If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.

Rick: And what of it? It'll be out of its misery.

Laszlo: Do you know how you sound, Mr. Blaine? Like a man who's trying to convince himself of something he doesn't believe in his heart. Each of us has a destiny - for good or for evil.

Rick: I get the point.

Laszlo: I wonder if you do. I wonder if you know that you're trying to escape from yourself, and that you'll never succeed.

Rick: You seem to know all about my destiny.

Laszlo: I know a good deal more about you than you suspect. I know, for instance, that you are in love with a woman. It is perhaps a strange circumstance that we both should be in love with the same woman. The first evening I came into this café, I knew there was something between you and Ilsa. Since no one is to blame, I, I demand no explanation. I ask only one thing. You won't give me the letters of transit. All right. But I want my wife to be safe. I ask you as a favor to use the letters to take her away from Casablanca.

Rick: You love her that much?

Laszlo: Apparently, you think of me only as a leader of a cause. Well, I am also a human being. Yes, I love her that much.

Police break into the café, and arrest Laszlo.

Scene 8: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship [scene runs from 1:35:32 until 1:42:09, until the end of the film. For those with DVDs, it starts half a minute into ch. 34.]

A car drives up the airport, with Laszlo, Ilsa, Rick, and Renault.
Rick: Louis, have your man go with Mr. Laszlo and take care of his luggage.

Renault: Certainly, Rick, anything you say. Find Mr. Laszlo's luggage and put it on the plane.

Officer: Yes, sir. This way please.

Rick: You don't mind, you fill in the names. That will make it even more official.

Renault: You think of everything, don't you?

Rick: And the names are Mr. and Mrs. Victor Laszlo.

Ilsa: But, why my name, Richard?

Rick: Because you're getting on that plane.

Ilsa: I don't understand. What about you?

Rick: I am staying here with him [referring to Renault, whom he is holding at gunpoint] until the plane gets safely away.

Ilsa: No, Richard, no. What has happened to you? Last night

Rick: Last night we said a great many things. You said I was to do the thinking for both of us. Well I've done a lot of it since then, it all adds up to one thing. You're getting on that plane with Victor where you belong.

Ilsa: But, Richard, no, I --

Rick: Now you've got to listen to me. Do you have any idea what you'd have to look forward to if you stayed here? Nine chances out of ten we'd both end up in a concentration camp, isn't that true, Louis?

Renault: I am afraid Major Strasser would insist.

Ilsa: You're saying this only to make me go.

Rick: I'm saying it because it is true. Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor. You're part of his work, the thing that keeps him going. If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him you'll regret it.

Ilsa: No.

Rick: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

Ilsa: What about us?

Rick: We'll always have Paris. We didn't have, we'd lost it, until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night.

Ilsa: When I said I would never leave you.

Rick: And you never will. But I've got a job to do too. Where I am going, you can't follow. What I've got to do, you can't be any part of. Ilsa, I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Now, now, here's looking at you kid.

We see Strasser's car racing to the airport.

Laszlo: returning after making arrangements, Everything is in order.

Rick: All except one thing. There is something you should know before you leave.

Laszlo: Mr. Blaine, I don't ask you to explain anything.

Rick: I am going to anyway, because it may make a difference to you later on. You said you know about Ilsa and me.

Laszlo: Yes.

Rick: But you didn't know she was at my place last night when you were. She came there for the letters of transit. Isn't that true, Ilsa?

Ilsa: Yes.

Rick: She tried everything to get them and nothing worked. She did her best to convince me that she was still in love with me. That was all over long ago. For your sake she pretended it wasn't, and I let her pretend.

Laszlo: I understand.

Rick: Here it is. He hands him the envelope with the letters of transit.

Laszlo: Thanks, I appreciate it. Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win. Hearing the plane's propellers: Are you ready, Ilsa?

Ilsa: Yes, I am ready. Goodbye, Rick. God bless you.

Rick: Better hurry, you'll miss that plane.

Renault: Well, I was right. You are a sentimentalist.

Rick: Stay where you are. I don't know what you are talking about.

Renault: What you just did for Laszlo, and that fairy tale you invented to send Ilsa away with him. I know a little about women my friend. She went, but she knew you were lying.

Rick: Anyway, thanks for helping me out.

Renault: I suppose you know this isn't going to be very pleasant for either of us, especially for you. I'll have to arrest you of course.

Rick: As soon as the plane goes, Louis.

Strasser's car pulls up.

Strasser: What was the meaning of that phone call?

Renault: Victor Laszlo is on that plane.

Strasser: Why do you stand here, why do you know stop him?

Renault: Ask Mr. Rick.

Rick: Get away from that phone.

Strasser: I would advise you not to interfere.

Rick: I was willing to shoot Captain Renault and I am willing to shoot you.

Strasser: Hello.

Rick: Put that phone down.

Strasser: Get me the radio tower.

Rick: Put it down.

Strasser pulls out a gun, but Rick shoots first. Officers drive up.

Renault: Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects.

Well, Rick, you are not only a sentimentalist, but you've become a patriot.

Rick: Maybe, but it seemed like a good time to start.

Renault: I think perhaps you're right. It might be a good idea for you to disappear for a while. There is a free French Garrison over at Brazzaville. I could be induced to arrange a passage.

Rick: My letter of transit? I could use a trip. It doesn't make any difference about our bet. You still owe me ten thousand francs.

Renault: And that ten thousand francs should pay our expenses.

Rick: Our expenses?

Renault: Um hum.

Rick: Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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