The Talented Tenth

by W.E.B. DuBois

September 1903

Discussion Questions

1. What is the proper goal of education, according to DuBois?

2. Why does DuBois think that it is particularly important for African Americans to receive higher education?

3. DuBois admits that technical training may be the most appropriate for many people, but he nonetheless argues that even this type of training is dependent on higher education. Why?

4. DuBois suggests that much education goes on outside the classroom, but he believes that this type of learning is also dependent on higher education. Explain.

5. What does DuBois think are the major problems with Booker T. Washington's position?

Paper Topics
1. What does DuBois mean by the term higher education? Why does he think it is so important?

2. Compare and contrast DuBois and Washington on the importance of economic factors to human life.

3. DuBois is an aristocrat and Washington a democrat. Discuss.

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